Company overview

In possession of world-class capabilities of integration management and system implementation in core industry consulting, core industry planning and core industry project function design and operation, with the international resources covering the entire industry, SIRM has established good strategic partnership with many North American companies.

SIRM focuses on the development of modern urban industrial agglomeration, innovative technology research and development, aviation industry development, health care industry, education and training industry, international travel industry, and intellectual technology.

Committed to China-Canada strategic cooperation, SIRM is fully cooperating in China with Canada-China Times Innovation Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., making it the first core authorized partner of SIRM in China, and co-founding the Shanghai Elderly Foundation Quebec Health Pension Fund , St. Lawrence International Innovation China Center and China-Canada International Innovation Project Product Trading Center and other influential projects, which are providing an important project cooperation and business platform for the cooperation and exchange of international resources and projects between Chinese and Canadian entrepreneurs.

In terms of core industry planning, industrial resource introduction, international project cooperation and overall management,SIRM provides internationalized, standardized, specialized, commercialized and market-oriented service. In the aspect of creation in modern city carrier, characteristic towns carrier, innovative parks carrier, international business activities carrier, commercial complexes carrier, cultural tourism industry carrier, health care facilities carrier, vocational education and training bases carrier, reconstructed space and functional building carrier, SIRM provides industrial planning and design, industrial resources and project resource system configuration, overall solutions and a professional team for program implementation.

The ST-Laurent North American Innovation Center Project and the ST.-Laurent Business School’s Engineer Project represent SIRM’s innovative ideas, innovative mode. Due to possession of advanced and complete system resources, SIRM provides important resources and guarantee for innovation cooperation and development.

As one of the founders and practitioners of the global industrial elderly care, devoting to the research and development, allocation and management of international innovative industrial resources. SIRM Became a provider of North American innovative technology application scenario equipment and product research and development, health care models and the geriatric rehabilitation assistive products research, product traceability system and standardized management system, overall industry development solutions and overall project operation, and become an innovative ecological integrated management operator.